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We believe in the one and only everlasting, ever-loving, and ever-living God - Father, Son, and Spirit.

We believe the Bible is inspired by God.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that humanity was saved on the day He perished on the cross.

We believe He arose, ascended into heaven, and will come again.

We strive to dwell, to serve, and to grow following His Lead, His Guidance, His Direction, and His Example.

We exist to live as He did, to give Him Glory above all else, and to further His message of unconditional love and salvation to a broken and seeking world.

We live to worship Him and Him alone, in spirit and in truth.

We believe in the demonstration of Spiritual Gifts given by God.

We seek and promote excellence in all things in the pursuit of a relationship with Jesus.

We proclaim a steadfast, bold decree of acceptance, affirmation, and inclusion for every child of God in our midst and every person that is to come, regardless of race, gender, class, background, or sexual orientation.


Michael & Josh

Josh Johnson and Michael Popham met in church, as all good Southern, Tennessee, Bible-belt boys do. Love at first sight was certainly a proven phenomenon in that moment. Over the course of the last sixteen years, they have shamelessly endeavored to exemplify a relationship, which happens to be same-sex, that is unequivocally focused on worshipping God and loving people.

With their lives centered around a deep faith in God and daily efforts to exhibit Christian principles through physical actions, Josh and Michael have a strong belief in a core message to promote the "Real Jesus"- one that is truly inclusive and affirming- and, that the Kingdom will eventually come to realize and embrace that we are all God's children, that God is LOVE, and that Love is Love. Two people falling in love is not a choice and a loving relationship is not a lifestyle. No greater evidence of the validity of true love, regardless of the sexuality of people involved, can be portrayed to the world at large than just two people expressing their commitment to one another in a Christ-centered community of support and refuge- this is a vital tenet of IVLA's foundation.


Pastor Michael attended and taught at Jackson College of Ministries in Mississippi, and continued his life's journey by beginning a career in ministry. He has been on staff at some of America’s largest Spirit-filled churches including Christ Church Nashville, World Harvest Church Columbus, and Family Christian Center Chicago. He has also been a guest workshop conductor for many large congregations including Prestonwood Baptist Church Dallas, as well as having a successful, longstanding songwriting career in the Christian music industry. Thoughout the last decade, Michael and Josh have been worship pastors for some of the largest LGBTQ+ congregations in America, including Holy Trinity Community Church (Nashville, TN), Christ Chapel of the Valley (North Hollywood, CA), and CitiChurch (Dallas, TX). For such a time as this, they are immensely honored and overwhelmingly humbled by the opportunity to serve as the Lead Pastors and founders of InVision Church of Los Angeles.